What to Consider When Planning a Wedding

June 16, 2020

Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful, especially when you have no idea where to begin. Putting together a plan should help you stay organised and feel a lot more relaxed. These are 10 things you should have on your to-do list when planning the wedding.

Set a Budget

Setting a budget is critical however, sticking to it is the most important thing. It is really easy to get carried away, so we recommend setting a strict budget from the very beginning, this way you’ll know what you can and can’t afford to spend extra on. Without doing this, financial stress can occur which is not what you want during this time.

Pick a Theme 

Picking a theme for the big day early on can save a lot of hassle. Pinterest is a great way to get inspiration, you can create a mood board to get a better visual idea of what you are looking for. Having a clear idea of what theme you are going for, allows you to create a clear plan for the furniture, venue, dress etc.

Find a Venue

Once you have a clear idea on the theme you are looking for and the budget you have set, you can move on to finding your perfect venue. This will shape your wedding, so you want to make sure that it matches both you and your partners taste.

Plan a Guest List

Planning your guest list may be a little daunting knowing who to invite and who not to, or perhaps you already know which would make this step a lot easier. Whatever it may be, getting this step out of the way is a big part, so you can decide on sizes of everything from the tables to the cake. It can also be helpful to mark any specific dietary requirements that you already know of.

Create Invitations

Invitations are next on the list, depending on how many people you want to invite, this could be a very tedious task. These should be sent out around 3-6 months before the big day to give people enough time to arrange time off work or accommodation.

Choose The Dresses and Suits

Choosing your wedding dress is probably the most exciting part and something you may have been thinking about for a long time. Depending on your budget, custom wedding gowns may be an option, these can take up to 6 months to make so getting this done as early as possible could be extremely beneficial. As well as your own gown, bridesmaid dresses, and all of the suits need to be picked out too.

Get the Papers

This may not be the most exciting part of planning, but could definitely be considered as the most crucial. Without the correct documentation, you cannot legally get married. Research exactly what you need to get hold of to legally get married, this will be different depending on whether you are planning on marrying in the UK or abroad.

Book a Honeymoon

This part of the planning should definitely not be stressful and will give you something else to look forward to after the wedding. Depending on your budget, it will help you decide on what kind of trip away you can go for. If your budget isn’t so big then even booking a short mini-moon for a few days in the UK would still be nice, in order to celebrate your marriage.

On the Day Plan

You have your venue all booked but a venue is no good without chairs, tables, decorations and food. You now need to consider how everything will run on the day and book everything that you will need.

Collect RSVPs and Make a Table Plan

The last step is you collect all of the RSVPs so that you know exactly who is coming and you can create a table plan precisely now.

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