Benefits of Having a Marquee Wedding

September 10, 2019

An outdoor wedding is a great way to celebrate one of the most exciting times in your life. The essence of it is it to bring the outdoors in and capture beautiful backgrounds like vast green gardens, a grand country house and a towering castle, among other breathtaking backdrops. Apart from obvious benefits like making the most of good weather, the structures provide a great deal of flexibility when it comes to style and the décor you want to use for the occasion. Here are more reasons why you should consider this structure.


Use a Style of Your Choice

Marquees offer greater versatility when compared to other venue types. The neutral décor and blank canvas allow you to use any style you want- whether you want to use a unique traditional theme, clashing colours or modern styles, it’s up to you to work your magic. There are many different types of marquees that can help you create the type of setting you have envisioned for your special day, such as:

The Clearspan Marquees

This kind of canvas provides ample blank space for you to work with and is the type we use at Bybrook. The canvas has an aluminium frame build that is clothed and lined. As such, there are no poles or frames inside to work with. This modular shape provides a flexible structure to fit most styles. The most recent trend involves bringing the outside space inside using clear roofs and sides, which we’re delighted to offer.

The Framed Tents

It is rather expensive but is the perfect type for large, formal events during the winter months. The canvas is erected on a strong metal frame and is fitted with structured walls that have windows and hard floors. This design also has an air conditioning and lighting system. The tent provides adequate space that allows designers to section off different parts to create the bar and dining areas and dance floor.

The Traditional Pole Tent

This style is ideal for couples who want to create a rustic, vintage feel and are hosting a small number of guests. Poles and guy ropes are used to anchor the canvas in place. Since the tent is anchored to the ground, the style is not suitable for solid surfaces. The sides are usually rolled up to bring the outdoors in. You can accessorise the space using trailing flowers and wrought iron furniture to create a perfect effect. This design is ideal for warm weather as the tents are not normally water or windproof hence, ideal for summer, early autumn and late spring. The Teepee Style Tent

This kind is set up on poles arranged in a tripod shape with the beams and guy ropes exposed. The teepee style is a little less formal than the traditional or framed tent thus, great for more rustic themed celebrations.

The Indian Tent

The structure of this tent is based on the traditional poled design. The main difference is the interior décor, which features rich colours, fabrics draped on the walls and ceilings. However, the interior can be a little dark, making the Indian tent ideal for evening ceremonies. The furniture used for this style usually features low tables where food is served with cushioned areas for guests to rest, but as with all marquees and tents you have the flexibility to choose.

Accommodate the Ideal Number of Guests

Traditional venue buildings can be a little restrictive as to the number of guests you can invite. The owners will ask you to estimate the number of guests attending in order to reserve adequate space. Sometimes, you end up paying for a larger guest list than you need just to use the venue. With marquees, however, you can accommodate large numbers of guests, with the only limit being the space you have to set up in. Marquees can also be ideal for holding small, intimate celebrations within your budget.


Ideal for Any Kind of Weather

Contrary to the belief that a marquee wedding is only suitable during summer, you can hold one during colder weather. Heating and air conditioning systems can be installed to ensure your guests are comfortable. During warm weather, you can open the doors and sides to let in the fresh air.

A Great Deal of Flexibility

Most people assume marquees are similar to ordinary tents. On the contrary, the structures offer more benefits than regular tents. There are permanent and semi-permanent options to create the illusion of a real building. Additionally, they provide a great deal of flexibility. For example, they can be fitted with retractable walls that allow you to create different sections of the venue to make excellent use of the space.

Create a Beautiful Backdrop

These unique venues allow you to capture the breathtaking views in the background. Whether you have set it up in expansive gardens, deep in the woods or alongside rugged buildings, using a marquee allows you to celebrate the occasion in the midst of a choice background. We work with some beautiful venues, offering their marquees, allowing you to make use of canal-side views and beautiful countryside.

Unique Entertainment

Having a marquee allows you to get creative with your entertainment. Opening up the side of your marquee and putting on games is a unique entertainment option that allows everyone to join in the fun. It’s also more interactive than most other forms of entertainment and gets your guests enjoying themselves together.

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